Statement With Custom Shirt

A little knowledge about the process of printing digital laser printing, this you need to know as the basis of how you create the design. The first part of t-shirt customization is the film positive. The design is transferred onto the film positive thru laser printing or manual sketching. Screens are then treated with light sensitive photo emulsion and the film positive is placed over the treated screens. Clamps and presses hold the screen and film positive together. The ink is then introduced following the color pattern in the original film positive. The product is dried thru the use of spot driers and left to cool for a few hours before packaging.

In the paragraph above we know that printing technology continues to grow. Before most people use screen printing but now have used lasers. The use of computers in the process of printing can provide accurate results and rarely experience fatigue compared with manual design. The use of computers during the design process until the printing will speed up the process of printing. But maybe for those of you who are not familiar with the computer may be difficult, therefore there is still t-shirts printing that use screen printing. It all depends on your taste in expressing statements can use digital printing or screen printing.

In my opinion, digital printing technology with laser and screen printing should keep both running, because every way there must be a fan of each. Both methods can be used to maximize the production of custom shirt. Thoughts and ideas are not limited in making this t-shirt printing that is never replaced by the existence of the computer. The computer is only a tool to facilitate the work and whenever it can be damaged.

I suggest that when you are designing an image or text to express feelings consider the limits of your ability. You should choose to do it yourself or work with designers or any other person who has a level of expertise in graphic descriptions t shirt printing or shirt printing. But if you create your own designs, it may require experience and technical knowledge about graphic design and even the soul of art in order that the phrase printed on the t-shirt to be very memorable.

Looking for information and feedback about custom shirts from various sources is very important you do. Because, in designing a very necessary experience and if you want to gain experience instantly then take the experience of others is a smart way. Another way that is often used by many people is to take the design of the internet after that please look for textile printers that offer special services working on custom shirts.